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Characteristics of this product.
  • This screwdriver has very high stable and precise torque control system by a current control.

  • Adjust the individual difference of built-in motor, to adjust actual torque.

  • PC and a controller can be connected by USB.
    Each Parameter can be set and confirmed on a PC.

  • The Controller has seven bank (memory) functions.
    *The condition to tighten and loosen can be set freely with bank (memory) functions A single operation or continuous operation can be selected.

  • Both right and left screws can be tighten and loosen by selection.

  • Screws will be tightened by holding for setting time with setting torque.

  • The optimum revolution value will be automatically set as torque value is set.

  • The loosening (returning) angle (unit: 10°) can be specified in loosening operation.

  • There is Brief returning function in order to free the bit from biting the slot or recess in screw head.
    *This function serves to release screw slotting from bit biting by setting a slight period of time of reversing turn. Brief return time can set after completion of tightening screw.

  • There is a detecting function to judge whether the screw has been tighten enough by returning with setting torque.

  • The following input and output terminals are equipped as a standard.

    • Status output terminal (S1~S4) : to show the status in operation.
    • Error message output terminal (E1~E4) : Error message will be output in case of abnormal.
    • General error message output terminal (SE) : output when any error massage is on output.
    • Complete signal output terminal (SC) : output after completion of tightening screw or loosening screw.
    • Looseness detecting signal output(EA) : when the screw has been tighten enough with setting torque, the screw will be tried to return with judgment torque. EA signal will be output if the screw could not be loosened with the judgment torque.
    • CCW input terminal (CCW) : Input the signal to start the rotation for CCW direction with external signal.
    • CW input terminal (CW) : Input the signal to start the rotation for CW direction with external signal.
    • Bank assignment input terminal (C1~C3) : input assignment signal to call the bank (memory) in single operation.
    • Repeat assignment input terminal (RE) : input the signal to repeat the operation.

  • It has been coped with static electricity.

Hard Disk Drive CD, DVD, Blue-ray Disk Drive
Mobile phone, Tablet device Digital Camera
Measuring instruments (Meter etc.) Watch, Mobile Media Player, etc.