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Hayashi Group's Environmental Policy
Fundamental Idea
As a good corporate citizen in the community, each member of Hayashi Group shall endeavor to engage in business activities that are in harmony with the environment.At all times, the products we offer in the market, shall be designed, manufactured, serviced, and procured giving piority to ecological soundness.
1.We shall abide by the environmental laws and regulations, and voluntarily initiate environmental preservation activities.
2.We shall establish an environmental control system, monitor the impact of our business activities on enviroment, prevent pollution, and, implement environmental load reduction activities.
3.We shall promote the effective use of resources, energy, and recycle waste in all business activities.
4.We shall provide products and services giving consideration to environmental impact.
5.We shall conduct trainings to all employees to increase environmental awareness and encourage activities in accordance with the company policy.

Personal Information Protection
The Hayashi Group is aware of the extreme importance to properly protect information that can identify a certain individual(hereinafter referred to as "personal information"). The Hayashi Group recognizes that it is a social obligation to trear the "personal information" appropriately in its acquirement, use and protection. All members of the Hayashi Group take the most prudent measure to protect the "personal information"