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Thermal Engineering Dept.
TOC-200A Digital Temperature Regulator

Model Digital Temperature Regulator (TOC-200A)
Input Voltage DC7〜12V
Current Consumption Peltier Output Current+1A max.
Control Output Voltage DC7〜12V(same as input voltage)
Control Output Current Peltier side 6.0A (Max.)
Fan side 0.5A (Max.)
Temperature Sensor 3-wrie Platinum Thermo Resistance (Pt100 ohm)
Control Scheme Digital PI suppression
Temperature Setting Range -20 degrees Celsius to +100 degrees Celsius
Temperature Accuracy ±0.1 degrees Celsius (Exclude accuracy of sensor)
Display Resolution 0.1degrees Celsius
Communications features RS-232C(option)
Dimensions(mm) 120W×100D×45H
Weight 0.5kg
*Power supply is not included.
*As optional, the output voltage can be changed for the controller of TKG-9002-100
Appearance Drawing