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Thermal Engineering Dept.
The temperature control unit TOB-1000
capable of heating and cooling by one unit

It is the temperature control unit of the all-in-one type that has a temperature adjuster, an electronic cooler, a power supply in one housing.
It has neither refrigerant nor compressor. It is a Peltier type electric cooler with low vibration and low noise.
Capable to control highly precise temperature by platinum resistance sensor and digital PI control system.

Appearance Drawing

Model The temperature control unitiTOB-1000j
Input Voltage AC100V(85V`125V)
Consumption Power 100W(Max.)
Controler Control SchemeDigital PI suppression
Peltier DrivingPWM voltage drive
Temperature Sensor3-wrie Platinum Thermo Resistance (Pt100 ohm)
Temperature Setting Range-20 degrees Celsius to +80 degrees Celsius
Temperature Accuracy}0.1iexclude the accuracy of sensorj
Display Resolution0.1degrees Celsius
Cooler Cooling systemElectronics cooling for the Thermo-module
Plate size(mm)80~80
Plate surface temperature-10`+80(at 20 ambient with no load)*5
Max. Heat Sink *629.0W
operational environmental temperature and humidity 10`40@30`85@(without condensation)
Protection feature Temperature sensor connection alarm
Peltier-driven current alarm
built in fuse(125V1A)
Communications features RS-232C
iD-SUB9pins male connector, M2.6 screw)
Dimensions(mm) 180(W)~249(D)~140(H)
Weight 2.8kg
*5Plate surface temperature is measured at 20 ambient with no load. It is depend on environment and load conditions.
*6Max endothermic value (Max .Heat Sink) is measured at 25 ambient temperature with no temperature gap between cooling board and ambient temperature.