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Thermal Engineering Dept.
Peltier Micro Cooler
Electronic cooling unit without any use of solvent, compressor. (by use of Peltier component.)
The temperature control unit
Electronic cooling
TKG-311-130 TKG-311-1500 TKG-9002-100
HMC-10F-0100 HMC-10F-0200
TKG-8010-100 HMC-12W-0100 HMC-11W-0100
Digital Temperature Regulator
TOC-100 TOC-200A
※The specifications, appearance may change without prior notice due to improvement and modification
What is Peltier component?
The Peltier component is the semiconductor component that can be cooled only by DC current. The same surface can be both cooled and heated only by alternating the current direction. It is very easy to use for temperature control
As Micro Cooler is an independent unit, it can be easily attached to a different device.The digital temperature controller is easy to use and can be remote-controlled from a computer with a cable. A customized design, development can be also made. Please consult with us for your need.