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Thermal Engineering Dept.
Electronic cooling HMC-10F-0200

Cooling System Electronic cooling system
Dimensions(mm) 124(W)×100(D)×88(H)
Cooling Plate Dimensions(mm) 24×24
Cooling Plate Surface Temperature -30 degree Celsius (when ambient temperature is 20 degree Celsius)
Max. Voltage DC12.0V
Max. Current 7.0A
Max. Heat Sink *2 13.0W
Heat Release System DC12.0V
Cooling capacity with no-load is maximum temperature difference of -50 degree Celsius between ambient temperature and cooling plate.
It is not usable for heating.
Thermal sensor in the picture is optional.
Appearance Drawing
*2Max endothermic value (Max .Heat Sink) is measured at 25℃ ambient temperature with no temperature gap between cooling board and ambient temperature.