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Please choose the reference from the following place.
Lighting・Driver relations Special Products Dept. Tokyo Sales Office
  TEL 03-3918-5623  E-mail tokuhin@htkgp.co.jp
Special Products Dept. Sanuki Office
  TEL 0439-66-1278  E-mail tokuhin-s@htkgp.co.jp
Special Products Dept. Sendai Sales Office
  TEL 022-221-0471  E-mail sendai@htkgp.co.jp
Special Products Dept. Osaka Sales Office
  TEL 06-6369-5023  E-mail osaka@htkgp.co.jp

Electronic cooler relations Thermal Engineering Dept.
  TEL 0439-66-1789  E-mail reinetsu@htkgp.co.jp

Semiconductor part assembly relation Electronic Device Dept.
  TEL 0470-22-8021  E-mail e-device@htkgp.co.jp

Adoption, public relations, a homepage, etc. Head Office
  TEL 03-3918-5237  E-mail hayashi-somu@htkgp.co.jp

* Your inquiries will be answered by our assigned experts. Please note that it will take some time to reply depending on the contents.

* Hayashi Watch Works Co.,Ltd. recognizes that protecting personal data, which is information relating to an identified or identifiable individual and which you provide with on the Hayashi Group's web site, is of utmost importance. Hayashi Group is adopting the procedure to protect Personal Data.